10 Best Destinations for Cat Lovers

Cat Cafes (Tokyo, Japan)
cat cafe shibuya
Why go: Enjoy coffee and treats in the company of cats

De Poezenboot (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
De Poezenboot
Why go: The Cat Boat — floating animal sanctuary

Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum (Key West, Florida)
Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum
Why go: The resident cats

KattenKabinet (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Why go: Museum dedicated to feline artworks and artifacts

Kattenstoet (Ypres, Belgium)
Why go: Festival and parade dedicated to cats

Kuching Cat Museum (Kuching, Malaysia)
Kuching Cat Museum
Why go: Cat museum

Largo di Torre Argentina (Rome, Italy)
Largo di Torre Argentina
Why go: Roman Cat Sanctuary

Moscow Cats Theatre (Moscow, Russia)

Why go: The only cat threatre in the world

Stray Cat Hostel (Istanbul, Turkey)

Why go: Cat-themed hostel with three resident cats

Tashirojima Island (Miyagi Prefecture, Japan)
Tashirojima Island
Why go: A famous cat island in Japan