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Just as you need a helmet when you travel around using your motorcycle, bicycle, roller blades, or skateboard, you also need a helmet when you weld.

Below are the reasons why you ought to wear a welding helmet.



  • It protects your head from injuries – Similar to any other helmet; a welding helm can keep your head secured in case something unexpected happens like bumping into a metal, slipping, and so on.
  • It keeps your face safe from radiation –Various materials emit radiation like ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) when you weld them. You wear a welding helmet to make sure your eyes and face don’t get exposed to radiation.
  • It protects your neck and face – A welding helm also safeguards your neck and face from heat, sparks, and flash burn caused by welding.
  • It prevents arc eye – Arc eye is a painful condition where the eye’s cornea becomes swollen because of arc welding. Note that the cornea gets damaged when it’s always exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
  • It prevents temporary or permanent vision loss – By keeping your retina unexposed to radiation and flashes, a welding helmet can prevent your eyes from losing its ability to see.

Types of Welding Helmet

solar-auto-darkening-welding-helmet-arc-tig-mig-protective-mask-blackWelding helmets can either be solar-powered or battery-operated. They can also have a fixed shade or a variable shade. Although there are different types, I suggest you stick with one that has an auto-darkening feature—they usually cover all types of welding tasks so that you don’t have to purchase two kinds for two different jobs. Before buying one, remember to read the reviews in first.

Auto-Darkening Helms: The Modern Welding Headgear

These helmets come with sensors that automatically darkens the filters once the bright arc is detected. They adjust the shade color depending on how brilliant the arc is and the type of material being welded.

Auto-darkening welding helmets eliminate the act of lifting up the helm to check the task with your own eyes, as well as the need to nod down to lower the helm over the face.

auto-darkening helmet

These helmets aren’t just stylish; they also protect the face from all kinds of radiation like IR and UV. That’s because their lenses are coated with UV- and IR- resistant materials.

They save the time of welders and make welders more productive.

Unlike passive helmets, auto-darkening helmets can adjust the shade immediately once the welder pauses his task to examine the material he’s working on. In short, these helms don’t require many adjustments from the welder anymore. They’re convenient for those who have a lot of stuff to weld.

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