October 2018

Hapineko cat cafe

There are places in the world that are either friendly or ambivalent about pets like cats. And there are some that could be the least agreeable or safe place for felines. For cat lovers, the sight of cats not just being tolerated but also cared for by locals can be heartwarming. Here are some of the coolest cat-friendly cities that the feline obsessed in you would want to visit.

Poezenboot Amsterdam
Amsterdam has long been a pet-friendly city. There are several hotels where pets are allowed and dogs can even travel on trains and trams. But what cat lovers would be happy to note is that two of the city’s best known attractions are dedicated to cats. The Poezenboot or cat boat is a sanctuary for abandoned and homeless cats. The converted houseboat that is home to several cats is located in a charming canal. Another cat-themed attraction worth visiting is the KattenKabinet which is a museum dedicated entirely to cats.


There are many reasons to visit Istanbul. And for cat lovers, the city’s long-standing love affair with cats should already be enough reason to make the trip. Cats are common sights in the streets and alleys of Istanbul. The people take care of the city’s street cats – feeding and petting them every chance they get. There are also neighborhoods where there is a high concentration of cats. If you are a cat lover visiting Istanbul, expect to see a lot of felines roaming, playing, and lounging around – proof that the city is indeed a haven for them.

The Malaysian city of Kuching is not just home to a number of huge cat statues that are hard to miss. It also boasts of a museum devoted to cats. The Cat Museum houses thousands of cat-related items.

Portland, Maine
Maine Coon cat
Maine is home to many cat-loving residents. And the Maine Coon serves as the state’s official cat. The city of Portland is no exception when it comes to cat-friendliness. It is one of the best places to be a cat and a cat lover.

You do not have to wait long to see a cat in Reykjavik. The felines of this city are practically everywhere. And by the looks of them, Reykjavik cats are well-cared for by the community. Many of the cats are even used to being petted by strangers so it is not unusual to see locals and tourists stroking or playing with them.

Hapineko cat cafe
The country that gave the world Hello Kitty has long had a reputation for being a cat-lover’s paradise. Cats are well-loved in Japan and many cat-owners go to great lengths to care for their cats. Neighborhood or street cats are treated fairly well. In Tokyo, it is common to have many sightings of cats in alleys and neighborhoods. And for some cat-themed activity or experience, you can head out to a cat café and enjoy some coffee and snacks surrounded by a wide array of cute felines.