January 11, 2017


There are several potential benefits in maintaining a healthy diet. If you are a busy professional with a job that comes with a lot of traveling, eating healthy can help you manage your weight. But it can also be quite a challenge to eat right when you rarely get the chance to cook your meals. Whatever your goal may be for eating right, you need to watch out for temptations that could turn out to be diet deal-breakers.

Don’t skip the carbohydrates. You need your daily requirement of carbohydrates. But not all sources of carbohydrates are good for you. Avoid foods that are heavy on refined grains or flours. Pick whole grains since they have more nutrients, which are often lost in the refining process. Oats, barley, wheat, corn, and brown rice are among the healthy carbohydrates options you can choose from.

Cut back on processed food. Anything processed is usually high in calories but low on nutrients. Certain processed foods can also be heavy on sugar and may contain trans fat which increases bad cholesterol. Cut back on chips, chocolate chip cookies, fried foods, and unhealthy meals you can buy from fast foods and restaurants. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as freshly-cooked lean meats, fish, poultry, and beans.


Limit the dairy. Opt for skim and non- or low-fat milk. Plain yogurt and low-fat cheese are also better choices of snacks than candies and other sweets. It also helps to read food labels and descriptions so you can make informed choices. Take note of serving sizes and control portions at all times instead of finishing meals and treats in one sitting.

Drink less high-calorie fluids. You may be eating right but unknowingly derailing your diet by indulging on sugary beverages. Sweetened drinks can be sources of hidden calories that could hinder your weight loss or maintenance goals. Avoid supersized or bottomless drinks like sodas, sugary fruit juices, and iced teas in restaurants. In fact, it is much better to stick to water or unsweetened drinks.

When you travel frequently, it becomes harder to stay on track with your diet. But traveling should not be an excuse to slack off. The best thing you can do is to choose your food as wisely as you can. You can only succeed at losing or maintaining weight and getting back in shape if you take control of what you eat regardless of where your travels bring you.