Hapineko cat cafe

There are places in the world that are either friendly or ambivalent about pets like cats. And there are some that could be the least agreeable or safe place for felines. For cat lovers, the sight of cats not just being tolerated but also cared for by locals can be heartwarming. Here are some of the coolest cat-friendly cities that the feline obsessed in you would want to visit.

Poezenboot Amsterdam
Amsterdam has long been a pet-friendly city. There are several hotels where pets are allowed and dogs can even travel on trains and trams. But what cat lovers would be happy to note is that two of the city’s best known attractions are dedicated to cats. The Poezenboot or cat boat is a sanctuary for abandoned and homeless cats. The converted houseboat that is home to several cats is located in a charming canal. Another cat-themed attraction worth visiting is the KattenKabinet which is a museum dedicated entirely to cats.


There are many reasons to visit Istanbul. And for cat lovers, the city’s long-standing love affair with cats should already be enough reason to make the trip. Cats are common sights in the streets and alleys of Istanbul. The people take care of the city’s street cats – feeding and petting them every chance they get. There are also neighborhoods where there is a high concentration of cats. If you are a cat lover visiting Istanbul, expect to see a lot of felines roaming, playing, and lounging around – proof that the city is indeed a haven for them.

The Malaysian city of Kuching is not just home to a number of huge cat statues that are hard to miss. It also boasts of a museum devoted to cats. The Cat Museum houses thousands of cat-related items.

Portland, Maine
Maine Coon cat
Maine is home to many cat-loving residents. And the Maine Coon serves as the state’s official cat. The city of Portland is no exception when it comes to cat-friendliness. It is one of the best places to be a cat and a cat lover.

You do not have to wait long to see a cat in Reykjavik. The felines of this city are practically everywhere. And by the looks of them, Reykjavik cats are well-cared for by the community. Many of the cats are even used to being petted by strangers so it is not unusual to see locals and tourists stroking or playing with them.

Hapineko cat cafe
The country that gave the world Hello Kitty has long had a reputation for being a cat-lover’s paradise. Cats are well-loved in Japan and many cat-owners go to great lengths to care for their cats. Neighborhood or street cats are treated fairly well. In Tokyo, it is common to have many sightings of cats in alleys and neighborhoods. And for some cat-themed activity or experience, you can head out to a cat café and enjoy some coffee and snacks surrounded by a wide array of cute felines.


Just as you need a helmet when you travel around using your motorcycle, bicycle, roller blades, or skateboard, you also need a helmet when you weld.

Below are the reasons why you ought to wear a welding helmet.



  • It protects your head from injuries – Similar to any other helmet; a welding helm can keep your head secured in case something unexpected happens like bumping into a metal, slipping, and so on.
  • It keeps your face safe from radiation –Various materials emit radiation like ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) when you weld them. You wear a welding helmet to make sure your eyes and face don’t get exposed to radiation.
  • It protects your neck and face – A welding helm also safeguards your neck and face from heat, sparks, and flash burn caused by welding.
  • It prevents arc eye – Arc eye is a painful condition where the eye’s cornea becomes swollen because of arc welding. Note that the cornea gets damaged when it’s always exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
  • It prevents temporary or permanent vision loss – By keeping your retina unexposed to radiation and flashes, a welding helmet can prevent your eyes from losing its ability to see.

Types of Welding Helmet

solar-auto-darkening-welding-helmet-arc-tig-mig-protective-mask-blackWelding helmets can either be solar-powered or battery-operated. They can also have a fixed shade or a variable shade. Although there are different types, I suggest you stick with one that has an auto-darkening feature—they usually cover all types of welding tasks so that you don’t have to purchase two kinds for two different jobs. Before buying one, remember to read the reviews in http://healthyhandyman.com/best-welding-helmet-guide/ first.

Auto-Darkening Helms: The Modern Welding Headgear

These helmets come with sensors that automatically darkens the filters once the bright arc is detected. They adjust the shade color depending on how brilliant the arc is and the type of material being welded.

Auto-darkening welding helmets eliminate the act of lifting up the helm to check the task with your own eyes, as well as the need to nod down to lower the helm over the face.

auto-darkening helmet

These helmets aren’t just stylish; they also protect the face from all kinds of radiation like IR and UV. That’s because their lenses are coated with UV- and IR- resistant materials.

They save the time of welders and make welders more productive.

Unlike passive helmets, auto-darkening helmets can adjust the shade immediately once the welder pauses his task to examine the material he’s working on. In short, these helms don’t require many adjustments from the welder anymore. They’re convenient for those who have a lot of stuff to weld.

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Ever wondered what makes your beloved cat happy to be in your heart? Ever wondered what makes your beloved cat thankful to be in your home? Ever wondered what makes your beloved to be in your family?

Well, let’s just say it’s the thought that counts.

You see, cats don’t only want to spend time with you more than anything in the world. They also want to have some reason to spend time with you more than anything in the world. It could be as simple as feeding them something they like to eat or as easy as giving them something they like to play. You also see, cats don’t only want to take care of you more than anything in the world. They also want to have some reason to take care of you more than anything in the world. It could be as simple as being there for them when they’re sick or taking them to the veterinarian as needed.

Even more so, cats will appreciate the fact that you’ve:

Made Their Own Corner

Cats may not be able to say thank you unto you, but really…they appreciate the fact that you have made their own corner in the house. With this, they will feel more at ease being in your heart. With this, they will also feel more at ease being in your home. With this, they will even feel more at ease being in your family. And it’s all because of something you’ve done for them with your whole heart. And it’s also all because of something you’ve done for them in your own home. And it’s even all because of something you’ve done for them as a family member.

Made Their Own Thing

Cats may also not be able to say thank you unto you, but really…they appreciate the fact that you have made their own thing in the house. It could be something they can use for when they need to mind their own business. It could also be something you can use for when you need to mind your own business. It could be something they can use for when they feel a little lonely than usual. It could also be something they can use for when you feel a little lonely than usual. Multi-purpose things, I know. But hey, this kind of things can truly do the trick for your beloved cat and even for yourself.

And the best part? You can always make their own corner via tools, as well as make their own thing via equipment, found on SawingPros.


Whether it’s a classic book you’ve been looking for years or a historic dish you’ve been searching for months, nothing beats hunting for rare gems like you’re just checking every nook of your own home.

That’s because, you can hunt rare gems in:

Public Libraries and Local Diners

While most people think public libraries are only meant for those who are into studying and local diners are only meant for those who are into rushing, it’s not exactly the case. Public libraries may have a big selection of educational books, but some of these books can go way back into the 18th century – making these rare gems for a book. Local diners may also have a big selection of fastfood dishes, but some of these dishes can go way back into your birth year – making these rare gems for dish.

The Most Unexpected Places

You’ll never know. That old shack teens are going back and forth to is really an antique bookshop filled with classic books from decades ago and even a 1946 Alice in Wonderland book – making these books rare gems. That hold wall adults are raving about day and night is really a pasta house filled with tasty dishes from centuries ago and even a 1946 Italian meatball pasta dish – making these dishes rare gems. And that’s just because rare gems are sometimes found in the most unexpected places.

Indeed, nothing beats hunting for rare gems like you’re just checking every nook of your own home. You see, the rare gems mentioned above can only be found in two kinds of places: (1) places that most people don’t really notice; and (2) places that comes as surprises due to their unassuming exteriors.

How about you?

Where do you think you can hunt for rare gems?

Share your thoughts with us below!


There are several potential benefits in maintaining a healthy diet. If you are a busy professional with a job that comes with a lot of traveling, eating healthy can help you manage your weight. But it can also be quite a challenge to eat right when you rarely get the chance to cook your meals. Whatever your goal may be for eating right, you need to watch out for temptations that could turn out to be diet deal-breakers.

Don’t skip the carbohydrates. You need your daily requirement of carbohydrates. But not all sources of carbohydrates are good for you. Avoid foods that are heavy on refined grains or flours. Pick whole grains since they have more nutrients, which are often lost in the refining process. Oats, barley, wheat, corn, and brown rice are among the healthy carbohydrates options you can choose from.

Cut back on processed food. Anything processed is usually high in calories but low on nutrients. Certain processed foods can also be heavy on sugar and may contain trans fat which increases bad cholesterol. Cut back on chips, chocolate chip cookies, fried foods, and unhealthy meals you can buy from fast foods and restaurants. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as freshly-cooked lean meats, fish, poultry, and beans.


Limit the dairy. Opt for skim and non- or low-fat milk. Plain yogurt and low-fat cheese are also better choices of snacks than candies and other sweets. It also helps to read food labels and descriptions so you can make informed choices. Take note of serving sizes and control portions at all times instead of finishing meals and treats in one sitting.

Drink less high-calorie fluids. You may be eating right but unknowingly derailing your diet by indulging on sugary beverages. Sweetened drinks can be sources of hidden calories that could hinder your weight loss or maintenance goals. Avoid supersized or bottomless drinks like sodas, sugary fruit juices, and iced teas in restaurants. In fact, it is much better to stick to water or unsweetened drinks.

When you travel frequently, it becomes harder to stay on track with your diet. But traveling should not be an excuse to slack off. The best thing you can do is to choose your food as wisely as you can. You can only succeed at losing or maintaining weight and getting back in shape if you take control of what you eat regardless of where your travels bring you.